To Tan or Not To Tan

That is the question on everybody's lips when it comes to a big event.

I mean how lucky have we been with the beautiful weather we are experiencing at the moment in the UK. Fake tan is definitely not an essential for some right now but never the less I thought I would give you a few tips on what to look for when buying a good fake tan and a few of my favourites. 

Personally for me fake tan is an everyday essential. My whole body tans at different rates and colours and to get that perfect bronzed body I need a little helping hand. My face I protect with suncream every single day and it rarely tans, however my body goes golden quickly and then my legs are always lily white!  Dressed its not so bad but with the gorgeous weather and more skin on show plus lots of events to attend its not the best look!

The holy grail of tanning is all about exfoliation. It's a key component when it comes to getting an even long lasting tan! Good hydration is also a factor however do not moisturise right before you apply your tan. 

I am currently using and loving the Vita liberate Phenomenal 2 week tan. Its lovely, doesn't streak and smells pretty good. I also like to top up my legs and face with the Arbonne tinted self tanner as it doesn't dry out and when I have a good base tan form the sun a good daily build able tan is nice to keep a good level of colour up. 

All tans have different base colours to them and its key to make sure that you use one that sits right on your skin. So if you are very pale it wouldn't suit you to use one that has a very warm base as it will look orange on you. Its better to use one for pale skin and build your colour up gradually than go in dark. This is trial and error so if your going for a spray tan or applying it yourself then have a practice run before your event. 

Alternatively, embrace that pale skin and add a tough of glamour with a soft body shimmer. 

Happy Tanning. 

Love Sam xx