Sam Collins

Winter skin, whats the deal?

Sam Collins
Winter skin, whats the deal?

Some parts of Winter I absolutely love. Cold crisp days, cosy nights by the fire with a large glass of red, winter walks and warming comfort food.

I really dislike the effect the winter has on my skin, dry one minute, oily the next, in the heating then out in the cold air plays absolute havoc with my skin and more often than not leaves my skin really dehydrated. Sound familiar? 

So to help us plough through these last few weeks before we can turn the heating down and get some much needed vitamin D here are a few things I do to help keep things under control. 

Remember looking after you skin helps your makeup look better and last longer. 

  • Cleanse with a gentle cleanser. No over stripping with anything too harsh. I love the calm cleanser by Arbonne. Its really gentle so I no dry tight feeling after washing. If your skin is really dry you could try a cream cleanser for a few months or a balm. Coconut oil is also really good for the removal of makeup before you cleanse. 
  • Exfoliate a few times a week to remove the dead skin. This allows your other products to work effectively and penetrate correctly. My Arbonne FC5 exfoliator also works as a face mask I feel so clean and smooth after using it. 
  • Avoid any products with alcohol a known dehydrator. Actively ages the skin too. 
  • Avoid anything with mineral oil or as we more commonly recognise petrolatum. This is a barrier product and will stop any other active ingredients penetrating the skin. 
  • Use a facial oil under your moisturiser and night cream. It will give you that bit extra without making your skin greasy. 
  • 3 times a week use a hydrating face mask over night to give your skin a big boost. 

Roll on spring!


Love Sam x