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Sam Collins

Golden rules


The Golden rules of make up

We normally learn to apply our make up mid teens, shown by our mum, sister, aunt, grandma or peers... We spend the next 10,20,30 years buying new products, trying new things but ultimately doing the exact same look day after day. 

In some cases we don’t get shown by anyone and instead follow what we saw in magazines depending on the fashion at the time. 

Most women partake in two activities exclusive to women only. Applying make up and child birth. My question has always been, where is the education on these subjects? There has been very little knowledge and support given on the things that ultimately society asks to define us. As a make up artist if I had a pound for every time somebody told me they would love to wear make up but don't know how to apply it I would most certainly be a millionaire. 

Thanks to the digital generation, this has all changed... not necessarily for the better in some cases though.

Now never has there been a more confusing time on how to wear make up. YouTube, Instagram, snap chat, pinterest! So many different channels to tune into and learn how to apply your make up. To contour or not to contour, maybe your asking yourself what even is a contour pallet? A lot of the images we see have been filtered, photoshopped or facetuned

We are so lucky as women to have the option of society accepting (and sometimes expecting) us to be able to enhance our image, but at the same time this can just be so daunting. 

So with all this in mind we curated a few golden rules on how to wear it best. 


1: Wear the make up... Don’t let it wear you

2: Wear the right colours for your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. You will need less and it will be more effective

3: If it feels wrong, it probably is. you don’t need to follow fashion, wear what works for you not for the masses

4: Multi-use your products, for example, some eyeshadows can double up as highlighters or lip colours as blusher

5. Have a day look that you can change to evening with a few key products


We offer individual or group make up lessons so why not book in with us to learn a few key techniques, tips & tricks on how to do an easy day to night look as well as making the most out of the products in your make up bag without having to buy loads of extras!