Getting married is a serious game, and after all the months (sometimes years) of planning what are you left with? Your new marriage... of course. Fabulous memories! Photographs!

It can be one of the most daunting, exciting and anxious times of our lives. When all the disney films we watched as a little girl come into play. Its our Belle or Cinderella moment coming to life and don't we just want to feel the absolute best about it?

A professional make up and hair artist can make or break the best getting ready session of your life. When picking your glam squad its not just about what they can achieve, its also about how they can make you feel. 

We devised 7 top tips on why we think booking a pro is essential. 

Top Tip number 1:

A professional make up artist understands how to achieve your best look yet by using the science of colour and shape.  Enhancing and disguising with contouring and highlight helps to bring out the features you want to see more of. Colour is essential in make up and the pros know when to use it. Want to make your blue eyes pop? Then book a pro because they will be know which eyeshadow colour or shade of lipstick can achieve this.

Top Tip number 2:

We know how to help your make up last all day, night and into tomorrow. Yes its good quality make up that helps with this and we know how to spot the good stuff but its also application and diagnosis of how the skin is working, both topically and internally. A pro will help you find the best skincare routine and give advice and tips on how to get your skin into optimal condition before your big day. 

Top Tip Number 3:

Throughout your wedding day the light will effect the look of your make up as you travel from day to night. It is important your pro understands how to apply your make up for daylight and night time without making it look to strong or too light. Its also essential that they understand the effect your dress colour has on your face. When you are likely wearing the most expensive dress of your life you want your make up to work with it and compliment your whole look, not battle against it. 

Top Tip Number 4:

All of our pro team work in fashion, advertising or tv. The main benefit of this for our brides is that we understand and can anticipate how your make up will look on camera. They say the camera adds ten pounds but it also dilutes the make up by up to 40%. So even if you're not a big make up wearer we have the knowledge on how to apply it that little bit stronger to make you look like 'you' on your wedding day and fabulous on your pictures. 

Top Tip Number 5:

A professional make up artist is used to working under pressure and time constraints within the media industry and still staying calm in the storm. When working on big budget photoshoots, tv commercials or film, time is money and a pro can not afford to be late or hold up a production. So if your morning becomes a bit busier than expected your pro will guide you through making sure you feel your best and arrive on time without breaking a sweat. 

Top Tip Number 6: 

A pro knows the best products to use to achieve your best look without over loading your face with make up. Make up has come a long way in terms of science in recent years and the pro definitely knows which are the key products to use. Sometimes these products will be the beauty industry's best kept secrets. The kit a pro carries will definitely represent their commitment to creating the best results, a good set of professional brushes itself can cost over £500 alone. A pros kit and skill bank should be clean, up to date and relevant to current trends. 

Top Tip Number 7:

A great make up artist treats each face as individual. It should never be one look fits all. Yes fashion and trends happen and its really important to keep up to date with this to help progress your look in a forward thinking direction but as we know... leggings don't suit everyone... neither does red lipstick. A pro knows when to pull out the fashion card and keep you in vogue,  when to steer clear of making a fashion statement and instead help you look youthful and effortless.