Benefits of colour theory

I truly believe everybody has the perfect colour palette just waiting to be discovered. 

I have always had a good grasp of colour, my eye is pretty well trained and my understanding of colour theory and how it works is fairly comprehensive. I have always felt though, that there was a piece of the puzzle missing and the full theory of colour didn’t quite knit together as smoothly as I would like.

Is your skin pink or yellow toned? Why is that important.  Why certain colours really worked on some skin tones and not others and why it was assumed that because you had dark features you were dark skinned. 

Yeah sure I could pick out a cool and warm skin tone with ease and create lovely make up for models, clients and students but I felt there was more to it than just the skin tone, yet couldn't put my finger on what. 

Three years ago a friend of mine offered me a skills trade. She would do my colour analysis and I would do her a make up lesson. 

Honestly I thought this was a really bad trade for me and she was getting way more value in the exchange. Regardless I went along. I knew I was a warm skin tone and other than that what more was there really for her to tell me. 

Wrong! SO SO SO wrong. 

I sat in her chair and as she began to decipher my colours and adamantly tell me that my skin tone was cool not warm I grew more frustrated and disinterested. 

90 minutes into my colour analysis something clicked... 

She was right!

Everything I had known to be for the last 12 years of my career spun on its head in an instant. 

I left their with a book of my best colours and a mission to understand this better for the sake of my craft and my sanity. 

I immediately cleaned out my whole wardrobe out and was left with just two pieces of clothing that were the colours that best suited me. I had literally been wearing the wrong colours for me and fighting against them by having to use more make up to help me look my best. 

What I know now is that we as creatives (makeup artist, hair stylists and beauty therapists) are taught to address the skin tone and not the undertone.  

This makes perfect sense as someone may present to you with fake tan, different hair colours etc and we help them look their best as they are. 

The undertone is the critical part to completing the colour theory jigsaw

If we address the undertone then we can help our clients shine, up our level of service and give them some lasting skills.   

That is what Tina @bloome colour consultancy helped me with that day and I am forever grateful.

I definitely got the better deal in the trade. 

7 reasons why colour analysis and understanding your undertone is amazing for you and your business. 

  1. Wearing your best colours is youthful 

  2. The right colours lift you and bring you into focus

  3. The right colours make you look more awake.

  4. The right lipstick colour makes your teeth look whiter

  5. Wearing the right colour make up means you need less and it is more effective

  6. Wearing the right hair colour brings your face into balance and your features into focus

  7. When you wear the right makeup, clothing and hair colours you don't need to make as much effort, the colours do the work. FACT!

The magic of make up really comes alive when people see how they can disguise and enhance their features. 

Beauty is about enhancement and now and again maybe a little disguising all through the optical illusion of shape and colour. 

Wearing the right colours for your undertone and eye colour completely enhance your features and in turn help you radiate youth and beauty... who doesn’t want that!

The rise of the makeup artist has been golden for so many reasons but lets be honest popularity comes with its own set of problems and navigating through this highly competitive, price driven and demanding industry can be very tricky.

Hungry for more knowledge on colour theory.

Join the waiting list for my brand new online course and help your clients look and feel their best. 

Image by Capture by Lucy